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Keeping Kids & Dogs SAFE While Playing Pokémon Go

The popularity of the new Pokémon Go has literally taken the world by storm. Within two weeks the game has more daily users than Twitter or Netflix. Kids and adults alike have gotten up off the couch and are exploring their neighborhoods and towns with this treasure hunt like app. They’re getting exercise without even realizing […]

How to Have a SAFE Memorial Day with Dogs and Kids

Memorial Day festivities are upon us. But before you venture out with your kids and your dog, you should stop to think about what will be going on, from the dog’s perspective. You want the picnics and outings and fun to be SAFE for everyone. No one wants your holiday fun cut short by a […]

Welcome to The Good Dog Blog

Welcome everyone, to The Good Dog Blog! Jenn and I are very excited to launch this site and our new blog, where we’ll be sharing resources, training tips, products and professional advice for families with kids and dogs. So what’s the backstory here? A year ago, Jenn and I discovered a horrifying statistic. The American Veterinary […]