YouTube Channel for Dog Safety

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new Good Dog in a Box YouTube channel. Our channel will feature videos on dog bite prevention, dog safety, live interviews with professional dog trainers, tips and tricks for dog enjoyment, fun behind the scenes videos of our crew (and all the stuff we get into), […]

Light bulb moments with Colleen Pelar at Family Paws Conference

The Family Paws Parent Education Conference took place in Raleigh, North Carolina from July 30-August 1st. The conference brought together dog trainers and parent educators from across North America that specialize in working with expectant parents, and parents with young children and dogs. Family Paws Parent Education was founded by Jennifer Shryock, B.A. CDBC. The goal […]

Good Dog in a Box attends Family Paws Parent Education Conference

Good Dog in a Box co-founders Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA and Kim Merritt-Butler attended the Family Paws Parent Education Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina July 30-August 1st. This extraordinary gathering of dog/child educators from across North America was a wonderful opportunity to discuss innovative techniques to help create “dog aware” generations by supporting families with children and dogs.

Good Dog Co-Founder Guest on NPR’s Dog Talk Radio

Don’t miss Good Dog’s co-founder, Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA, BS, talk to The Radio Pet Lady, Tracie Hotchner, on NPR’s Dog Talk Radio. Jenn and Tracie discuss dog bite prevention with children and tips to keep your dog and kids safe. They talk about Good Dog’s SAFE program and how we’re trying to get the word […]

Keeping Kids & Dogs SAFE While Playing Pokémon Go

The popularity of the new Pokémon Go has literally taken the world by storm. Within two weeks the game has more daily users than Twitter or Netflix. Kids and adults alike have gotten up off the couch and are exploring their neighborhoods and towns with this treasure hunt like app. They’re getting exercise without even realizing […]