One amazing reward can set behavior in motion

The power of one extremely valuable, desired reward can have a profound impact on behavior. This is often called “jackpotting,” and can lead to a behavior change in an individual that lasts for varying amounts of time. When we are working with dogs and children, jackpots can be an easy way to strengthen behaviors in both our […]

Good Dog Co-Founder Guest on NPR’s Dog Talk Radio

Don’t miss Good Dog’s co-founder, Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA, BS, talk to The Radio Pet Lady, Tracie Hotchner, on NPR’s Dog Talk Radio. Jenn and Tracie discuss dog bite prevention with children and tips to keep your dog and kids safe. They talk about Good Dog’s SAFE program and how we’re trying to get the word […]

Should your family adopt 2 puppies or 1?

If one is great, two is better? Definitely not when it comes to puppies. But you have two children, why not two puppies? Most families don’t realize the time and effort required to raise one puppy, let alone two. Adding two puppies to your family more than doubles the time spent training, socializing, exercising and […]

What Dog Size is Right for Your Family?

What dog size is right for your family?? Medium sized dogs? Small dogs? Big dogs? There are a ton of choices when it comes to dog sizes. But size does matter, especially when you are researching what type of dog to adopt into your family. Your spouse may want a large, muscular dog, you may want a […]

Advantages of Getting a New Puppy

Our last blog highlighted some of the advantages of adopting an older dog. Let’s consider two of the most important advantages of getting a new puppy.  1. A puppy will fill your free time. Raising a puppy is labor intensive, especially the first few months. Time will be required for housetraining, basic training, feedings, exercise, management, […]