Good Dog Family Dog Training Program: 1-4



Welcome to the Good Dog Family Dog Training Course as part of your Good Dog in a Box subscription. This program was developed to build a successful and safe relationship between your child and family dog. We want to give all members of your family the tools they need to stay safe, to learn about dogs, and to respect all dogs. Plus, we want to give your dog skills that will help them be a good member of your family and community.

This subscription provides you with four months of dog training videos, units 1, 2, 3, and 4. You’ll have the opportunity after four months to prolong your subscription to the online videos if you’d like to continue to access them. The online videos match the Activity Guides and Training Cards with the corresponding numbers. The videos allow your entire family to watch training exercises again and again, as needed, throughout your subscription.

The Good Dog program combines dog safety and dog bite prevention to give your family members the skills to know how to safely and kindly interact with dogs. Our goal is provide you, the parent, with resources, techniques, and tools to assist you in the supervision of your dog and children. All exercises in this program should be actively supervised by an adult.

It’s important to remember that every dog is unique, just as every child is unique. Each dog will have its own learning style and attention span. Your dog may learn some training games quickly, while others may take more practice. If your dog walks away in the middle of a training game or you’re not getting the response you’re hoping for, that’s OK. Stop and come back later. The same applies to your child. If they get frustrated or tired, stop and try the training game a bit later in the day. The Good Dog program does not address aggressive or fear based behaviors in dogs, which require the assistance of a positive reinforcement dog training professional.


The training game videos you’ll view in this account are meant to be adult supervised and repeated again and again throughout the month. Practicing in different rooms of the house, inside vs outside, and with different members of the family can keep things entertaining and exciting until a next set of lessons arrives. Consistency and repetition is the key to success. We recommend training sessions of 5 to 10 minutes at a time, one to several times per day.

We recommend watching the videos in the order provided. For the training game videos, we recommend mastering one game before moving to the next. Each training game builds on skills for future games. The exceptions are the TTouch exercises. These gentle petting and relaxation exercises can be used anywhere in the program with any frequency.

It is our hope that your family comes together to work with your family dog through this program and it provides many opportunities over the upcoming months to enjoy each other and have fun. Not every lesson will be perfect and not every dog will pick up a new skill on the first try, but that’s OK. Keep practicing and feel free to contact us with questions or problems. Good luck and starting training!

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