Good Dog Award Winners – Shawnee Heights Elementary School’s Second Grade Class

Class comes together to raise funds to save a rescue dog’s life

Good Dog of the Week Awards

The Good Dog Blog awards a weekly “Good Dog Award” for dogs doing good things and those doing good things for dogs. This week’s Good Dog Award goes to the second grade class at Shawnee Heights Elementary School in Topeka, Kansas.

The students heard that Helping Hands Humane Society was trying to raise $400 to provide a life saving surgery for a dog named Ryker. Ryker was a young Australian Shepherd that was brought into the humane society with a broken leg that needed to be amputated.

Within 24 hours, the second graders had raised over $450 to provide Ryker’s surgery and veterinary costs. After his recovery, Ryker returned the favor by visiting the class of good samaritans and giving them each a thank you card with a pawprint.


Well done second graders at Shawnee Heights Elementary School, this week’s Good Dog Award winners, for helping to provide a life saving surgery and a second chance for Ryker!

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