Reward Based Dog Training Curriculum 5

Walking together outside, Leave it

In-Home Reward Based Dog Training

Basic Dog Training Exercises: Walking together outside, Leave it

Learning Section Focus: How dogs communicate with their tails

Loving Section Focus: Taking your dog to the vet, Spaying and neutering

Teaching Section Focus: Let’s walk together outside

Training Tool Highlighted: High value treats

Training Game Cards: Leave It Part 1, Leave It Part 2, Penalty Yards, Walk This Way Outside, Down-Treat-Repeat Part 3

Training Game Videos: Leave It Part 1, Leave It Part 2, Penalty Yards On The Road, Walk This Way Advanced – Outside, Down-Treat-Repeat Part 3

Tellington T-Touch Videos: Jelly Fish, Tail Work

Additional Online Videos: Learning About your Good Dog: Tail, Loving Your Good Dog: Keeping Your Dog Healthy – Going to the Vet, Introduction to Leash Walking Part 2

Activity Guide Length: 16 pages

In this unit, we take our walking exercises outside. Walking together around the neighborhood and through your home town without your dog jumping, pulling, and misbehaving take practice. Curriculum unit 5 works on these skills, along with more advanced versions of “leave it.” Dog body language is an important part of training and dog safety for children. This guide features dog communication with the tail and can be used with the Dog Smart Card Game’s Whole Body Cards (sold separately). Dog Smart teaches dog bite prevention to all ages and will be used throughout Activity Guides 1 – 6. Our program isn’t just about dog training, it’s also about being a responsible pet owner and proper care for your dog. Activity Guide 5 talks about why your dog needs to go to the vet and why your dog should be spayed or neutered. A chart is included with foods not to feed your dog, a map drawing exercise, and a fun fill in the blank word game.