Reward Based Dog Training Curriculum 6

Leave it, Down and Stay

Reward Based Dog Training Curriculum for Families

Basic Dog Training Exercises: Leave it, Down and Stay

Learning Section Focus: How dogs communicate with dog body language recap

Loving Section Focus: Keeping your dog’s coat healthy and clean

Teaching Section Focus: Why your dog needs to leave it

Training Tool Highlighted: Zoom Groom Brush

Training Game Cards: Leave It Part 3, Leave It Part 4, Down And Stay, Penalty Yards On The Road, Leave It Part 5

Training Game Videos: Leave It Part 3, Leave It Part 4, Down and Stay, Penalty Yards On The Road, Come When Called Bowl Challenge

Tellington T-Touch Videos: TTouch with Zoom Groom Brush, Noah’s March with Zoom Groom Brush

Activity Guide Length: 16 pages

Activity Guide 6 recaps our past five units on dog body language and the use of the Dog Smart Card Game (sold separately). Written and video quizzes are provided that let kids test their knowledge of dog body language that is safe or unsafe. This unit discusses why you give your dog a bath and the importance of grooming and brushing. The fur flies with information on double coats, fur, and fluff, including how fur protects your dog. Count down the top ten hairiest dog breeds and see how your dog stacks up. Unit 6 also discusses the importance of teaching your dog to “leave it.” A fill in the blank game for dogs you know is included.