Be SAFE with Dogs & Kids for Thanksgiving

Celebrate Turkey Day and keep your dog calm, cool, and collected.

Dog Bites Can Be Prevented

Keep your dog calm, cool and collected during Thanksgiving

Half of all children bitten by dogs are under the age of twelve. Most dog bites are by the family dog or a dog that is known to the person. Most dog bites are preventable with a few easy steps to make your 4-legged family member less stressed and fearful during turkey day.

Thanksgiving can be an incredibly stressful time for dogs. Decorations, strange people around the house, and loads of food, some of which can be very unhealthy or even toxic to dogs! With a little extra time and care, you can enjoy a relaxing, stress-free Thanksgiving with your dog, instead of having them tense, anxious, or even unintentionally aggressive.

Our Be SAFE for Thanksgiving videos can help make this Turkey Day delicious and fun for you and your dog.

Be SAFE with Dogs at Thanksgiving

Tips & Tricks for Dog Safety at Thanksgiving

What Can You Do to Help Your Children Avoid Dog Bites at Thanksgiving

Simple steps that make a difference

  1. Keep Pets Indoors: A lot of cars pulling up and new faces appearing can be very stressful to dogs.
  2. Post a Sign On Your Door: If your dog is bothered by the doorbell or people knocking on the door, either post a sign on your door telling dinner guests and family members not to ring the doorbell and give you a call or text when they’ve arrived.
  3. Keep Your Dog In a Room Away From the Front Door: With the front door opening and closing all night long, keep your dog in another room, away from the front door. Give your dog a food dispensing toy and play soft music to mask the sound of guests visiting.
  4. Don’t Take Pictures Of the Dog & Kids: Make sure your dog is comfortable around children and cameras before huddling in for a picture.
  5. Candles Can Be Dangerous: A candlelit dinner table can be dangerous around dogs, particularly larger breeds that might bump into the table. Don’t let your dog start an unwanted fire.
  6. Some Foods Can Be Toxic To Dogs: While Thanksgiving dinner is delicious for humans, some foods can have poor health affects on dogs. Keep foods like bacon, chocolate, and alcohol away from dogs.
  7. Keep Decorations Out Of Reach: Be careful decorations inside and outside of your house are kept out of the reach of your dog.

With a few simple precautions and knowing what stresses out your dog, you can make Thanksgiving an enjoyable day for the whole family.

Thanks to Cathy Reisfield of Dependable Dogs for these great tips.

Take a Stand Against Dog Bites

Education for adults and children is key

Any dog can bite, regardless of how long you’ve had your furry friend or how well you think you know him. Unfortunately, many dog bites result in a dog being surrendered to an animal shelter. According to the ASPCA, approximately 1.2 million dogs are euthanized each year.

Help stop the growing number of dog bites and the number of dogs being left at shelters. Educate yourself and your children about proper behavior around dogs, how to greet a dog, and how to respect dogs. A little understanding goes a long way to building a better relationship between your dog and all your family members.

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