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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

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Good Dog in a Box Full Family Dog Training Subscription

Good Dog in a Box Subscription

Family friendly dog training for ages 5 to 12. Training tools and exercises delivered monthly. Online videos and games. Covers dog bite prevention and safety, being a responsible pet owner.

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Calm Dog in a Box

Calm Dog in a Box  Subscription

For dogs that suffer from anxiety and stress due to noise, separation, weather, etc. Monthly deliveries of Thundershirt products and training exercises for long term behavioral change.

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Dog Bandana & Ruffle Dog Collars

Dog Bandana Subscription

Choose from two different styles of reversible dog bandanas or ruffle dog (and cat) collars. Choose your level of chic, from 4 to 6 months. Handmade in the USA by senior citizens. You have to see these!

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Reach and Teach Humane Education Program

Humane education products that teach children dog bite prevention, how to be safe around dogs, and how to be a responsible dog owner.

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Halti Harness

Our dog products have the safety and well being of your dog in mind. Everything offered is humane, safe, and made with care.

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Good Dog in a Box Kid's T-Shirt

Get your Good Dog swag on. Our fun blue dog logo is available in t-shirts and wearables for the whole family. Get one for Mom, Dad, and the kids.

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Dog Smart Card Game
Dog Smart Card Game

Learn dog bite prevention in this fun card game for all ages. Dozens of games to play with the whole family.


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Watch how to play the Dog Smart Card Game

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Share The Box Program

Share Good Dog – Earn Free Stuff
With the new Share The Box program, you can earn free subscriptions and products when you share Good Dog with your friends on social media and in email. When they buy, you get rewarded! Join today.

SAFE Kids Game for Dog Bite Prevention

SAFE Dog Bite Prevention
Do your kids know what to do if they are approached by a strange dog? Teach them to play the SAFE game. Watch our free animated videos and get our downloads to keep your kids SAFE around all dogs.

Good Dog Partner Program

Good Dog Partner Program
Our revenue share and wholesale program for shelters, dog trainers, veterinarians, groomers, retailers, and bloggers allows our partners to profit from our products and share our resources with their clientele.