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Good Dog in a Box YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel for Dog Safety

August 30, 2016/by Kim Merritt

Wow! Good Dog in a Box gets a shout out from Suzanne Clothier!

December 22, 2016/by Jenn Merritt


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Why you shouldn’t punish your dog for growling

February 1, 2017/by Jenn Merritt

Wholesale Two Month Good Dog in a Box Case of 6 Boxes – small

Dog Sizes: small

Wholesale Two Month Good Dog in a Box Case of 6 Boxes – mixed sizes

Dog Sizes: mixed sizes

Wholesale Two Month Good Dog in a Box Case of 6 Boxes – medium

Dog Sizes: medium

Wholesale Two Month Good Dog in a Box Case of 6 Boxes – large

Dog Sizes: large
Good Dog in a Box 2 Month Reward Based Dog Training Box

Wholesale Two Month Good Dog in a Box Case of 6 Boxes

A two month retail starter version of our 12 month Good Dog in a Box subscription reward based dog training program for families with kids and dogs, available exclusively to Good Dog Wholesale Partner Members. Includes a Halti harness, Good Dog treat pouch, 10 positive reinforcement training cards, Dog Smart card game, 2 activity guides, stickers, and access to our online training with videos to match the content in the box. Suggested retail $65.99-74.99.
Doggone Good Ruffle Dog Collar

Wholesale Ruffle Dog Collars

Your dog (and cat) will look adorable in our Ruffle Dog Collars. Each collar is reversible and handmade by senior citizens in the United States. They are sewing up designs every day, so our inventory and patterns change frequently. You never know what one of the seniors will be sending. It's a surprise each time you order! Available in 5 sizes to fit any dog, you get your choice of designs for all major holidays or a non-seasonal, everyday pattern that your dog can wear year round. Xsmall sizes make a great hair scrunchie for kids or adults with long hair. Ruffle dog collars are made of 100% cotton and can be machine washed on the delicate cycle in cold water. We recommend you always supervise your dog when wearing a bandana, for safety. Suggested retail $9.99 - $16.60

Case Count: 12 of a single size or 24 in a mixed case

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