Reward Based Dog Training Curriculum 1

Introduction to reward based dog training, getting your dog’s attention, and dog bite prevention

Reward Based Dog Training Curriculum for Kids 1

Basic Dog Training Exercises: Getting your dog’s attention, teaching your dog to love his name

Learning Section Focus: How dogs communicate with their whole bodies

Loving Section Focus: What your dog needs to be happy and healthy

Teaching Section Focus: Helping your dog make good choices

Training Tool Highlighted: Treat Pouch

Training Game Cards: Doggie Yo-Yo, Hide and Seek, Magic Hands, Say My Name, and Advanced Magic Hands

Training Game Videos: Doggie Yo-Yo, Hide and Seek, Magic Hands, Say My Name, Advanced Magic Hands

Tellington T-Touch Videos: Introduction to Tellington T-Touch, Noah’s March, Llama

Additional Online Videos: Introduction for Parents, Introduction for Children, Learning About Your Good Dog: Whole Body, Loving Your Good Dog: Showing Your Dog You Love Them, Introduction to Month 1 Trainings, Training Tool: Treat Pouch, How to Give Your Dog a Treat

Activity Guide Length: 24 pages

Activity Guide 1 provides an introduction to the Good Dog Training Program and sets up families for success with their dog. Dog body language is an important part of training and dog safety for children. This guide features dog communication with the whole body and can be used with the Dog Smart Card Game’s Whole Body Cards (sold separately). Dog Smart teaches dog bite prevention to all ages and will be used throughout Activity Guides 1 – 6. Our program is designed to get all members of the family to take an active part in training and caring for their dog. A Dog Care Chart is provided for family members to assign who will be responsible for different dog care jobs throughout the week. Suggestions are provided to make a fun game of dog care with a reward at the end of the week. Activity Guide 1 also introduces families to Tellington T-Touch and gives two introductory exercises. T-Touch is an excellent way to teach children to be more gentle with their family pets.