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National Dog Bite Prevention Week with Good Dog in a Box

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Dog Body Language

Tip #1

How to read a dog’s body language to know when they are safe to approach.

SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Game

Tip #2

A simple game to teach children how to act around a strange dog.

Dog Bite Prevention

Tip #3

Each guest’s Top 5 ways to prevent dog bites.

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Learn More About Our Guests

Jamie Migdal

Jamie Migdal, CPDT-KA

Founder and CEO FetchFind
Professional Dog Trainer
Sunday, April 8th @ 4:30 PM EST

Jamie Migdal, CPDT-KA, has been innovating within the pet industry for nearly 25 years. Having built three national pet service companies and worked with more than 20,000 dogs and 100,000 clients, Jamie is an expert in all aspects of the pet industry, including education, technology, business development, sales, marketing, and management. Her fourth and current company, FetchFind, provides staff training and other business solutions to pet care service companies around the globe.

Gila Kurtz

Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Dog Is Good
Puppy Training Expert
Monday, April 9th @ 3:00 PM EST

Gila Kurtz is a serial entrepreneur who found her deepest passion in working with dogs and their people. She is a Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Dog is Good, a lifestyle brand for dog lovers. The company creates original messaging and design for a broad array of products to celebrate and “share the unique joy one feels living life with Dog”. Along with her husband, Jon Kurtz, Gila has turned her love for dogs into a thriving business and highly recognizable brand.

Gila Kurtz of Dog Is Good
Mikkel Becker


Lead Trainer for Fear Free Pets
Author & Featured Trainer on Vetstreet.com
Tuesday, April 10th @ 1:00 PM EST

Mikkel Becker is the lead trainer for Fear Free Pets. She is a certified behavior consultant and certified trainer who specializes in work with dogs and cats. Mikkel is the co-author of six books, including the recent, From Fearful to Fear Free, and was the featured trainer on Vetstreet.com. In her professional work, Becker uses positive reinforcement and non-force based training strategies that are rooted in scientific learning theory. Mikkel is committed to helping pets and their people live better lives together through motivational, reward based training that’s closely partnered with the pet’s veterinary team.

Cathy Reisfield

Owner & Lead Trainer Dependable Dogs
Founder of Kids & Dogs Safer Together
Thursday, April 12th @ 10:30 AM EST

Cathy has more than twenty years of experience working with humans and dogs, in a variety of settings including hospitals, rehabilitation, business, education, training, and other settings. She’s been training dogs for more than fifteen years. As the founder and head trainers at Dependable Dogs in Ann Arbor, MI, Cathy brings a unique combination of skills to working with clients. Most recently, Cathy founded Kids & Dogs Safer Together, a nonprofit that provides education programs and materials, with a focus on humane interactions to keep kids and dogs safer together in our communities.

Cathy Reisfield
Dr. Rise VanFleet

Rise VanFleet, PhD, RPT-S, CDBC, CAAPT-I

Founder & President of Family Enhancement & Play Therapy Center
Author & Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
Thursday, April 12th @ 10:30 AM EST

Dr. Risë VanFleet is Founder and President of the Family Enhancement & Play Therapy Center, Inc. in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, an organization specializing in the training and supervision of child, family, and play therapy professionals as well as the provision of mental health services for children and families. A Licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania, Dr. VanFleet is also a Certified Filial Therapist, Supervisor, and Instructor, a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. She specializes in strengthening family relationships through play, and has subspecialties in Filial Therapy, Animal Assisted Play Therapy™, play therapy, chronic medical illness, disaster mental health, child/family trauma and attachment interventions, among others. She also provides family-oriented non-aversive dog training and behavior consultation. Dr. VanFleet has over 40 years of clinical, supervisory, and leadership experience in community mental health, health care, education, and independent practice settings.

Tracy Krulik, CTC, CSAT

Canine Separation Anxiety Trainer
Founder & Managing Editor of iSpeakDog
Friday, April 13th @ 12:00 PM EST

Northern Virginia-based certified canine separation anxiety trainer and honors graduate of Jean Donaldson’s prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers, Tracy Krulik, CTC, CSAT is the founder and managing editor of iSpeakDog–a website and public awareness campaign to teach dog body language and behavior. Krulik trains dogs with separation anxiety for the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C., and she is rapidly becoming the leading separation anxiety specialist in the D.C. area. Her writing can be found in publications including The Bark magazineThe Washington Post, and The Chronicle of the Dog.​

Tracy Krulik
Kim Merritt Butler Good Dog in a Box Cofounder

Kim Merritt-Butler

Hostess for Good Dog’s Dog Bite Prevention Webinar Series
Co-Founder Good Dog in a box

Kim is a serial entrepreneurs and co-founded Good Dog in a Box with her sister, professional dog trainer Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA, to help educate the general public about dog bite prevention and provide reward based dog training systems and products that could keep more family dogs in their homes, instead of being relinquished to shelters because of “bad behavior and biting.”

Good Dog in a Box is proud to sponsor the Dog Bite Prevention Week Webinar series. Kim is excited to be sharing the “webinar stage” with this powerful and talented group of women. Help us spread the word to keep kids (and adults) SAFE around dogs.