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If you’re a full or part time blogger and you’d like to write about or review Good Dog in a Box, please join our Online Partner Program and earn commission from sales generated on our website from your links. Make 10% commission when traffic you send makes a purchase. We’ve got free education resources to share with you, to help you write your posts, and can provide you with images. Our products are unique and we greatly appreciate your interest.

Online Commission Sales

Nothing to inventory. Just direct traffic to our website, when they buy, you make 10% commission off every sale. The 2 Month program is exclusive to our partners. We’re not competing against you, we’re working for you.

How It Works

When you send us a customer that purchases from our online store, we send you a commission. We pay you for sales that come from a customer clicking on custom coded graphics and banners that we provide you. Put them in your emails, social media, or on your website. We also pay you for any additional online sales that result from a customer who purchased a 2 Month Dog Training Box in your store.

What You Make

You make 10% commission on the base price of any product purchased online, by a customer that you send us. We do not pay commissions on taxes or shipping charges. Payments are sent monthly when earnings are above $50.

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How We Help You

We want to help you sell our product and grow your business. Our free marketing materials are designed to do that and more.

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Safe Dog Bite Prevention Program

Our goal is to help educate parents and children about dog safety and dog bite prevention, in hopes of keeping more family dogs at home instead of ending up in shelters because of “bad” behavior. We’ve developed the SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Program with free downloads and fun activities for kids and other free resources that you can share with your customers.

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