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Good Dog Partner Program for Groomers

2 ways to make money

Even if your store doesn’t sell product on site, you can profit from new positive reinforcement dog training products for your clients. The Good Dog Partner Program allows you to sell our 2 month family friendly dog training program, Good Dog in Box, and our dog bite prevention card game, Dog Smart, in your store, and/or through an online partner program. You get two ways to make money.

  1. Purchase small quantities of inventory to resell in your store.
  2. Link to our website and make a 10% commission when traffic you send makes a purchase.

We’ll provide you with marketing materials, free educational resources, and products you won’t find anywhere else.

Pick the Partner Program That Works for Your Business

Purchase wholesale product to resell and/or direct traffic to our site and earn online commissions.
Participate in both programs or one. The choice is yours.

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Good Dog in a Box – 2 Month Box

A 2 month retail version of our dog training and safety program, exclusive to our Good Dog Partner Program participants. (We don’t even sell it!)

Good Dog in a Box 2 Month Box
2 Month Retail POS Good Dog in a Box Dog Training System

How It Works

A 2 month retail starter version of our 12 month subscription dog training program for families with kids and dogs, available exclusively to Good Dog Partner Program Members. Includes positive reinforcement trainings, Dog Smart card game, fun activities, dog bite prevention and safety, games, and training tools. Comes with a 2 month subscription to our online video training system that works with the tools and instructions in the box.

Give Me The Numbers

There’s no huge commitment. Our 2 month retail boxes are available in case packs of 6 boxes, in either small, medium, large, or mixed cases containing 2 of each size. Suggested retail starting at $70 a box.

See What’s In The Box

Each box is a 2 month starter dog training kit for families with dogs and kids. All trainings are positive reinforcement based and kid friendly. Inside the box are a treat pouch, a Halti harness, 10 training cards, 2 kid activity guides, 4 stickers, online games, and access to our online training portal where families can watch online training videos that match the activities in the box. See more of what’s inside the box…

Dog Smart Card Game

Teach dog bite prevention and safety with our dog body language card game.

Dog Smart Dog Bite Prevention Card Game

How It Works

Each card deck contains 108 cards that are color coded in either green (Go), yellow (Caution), or red (Stop), and uses stoplight graphics to warn how to deal with a dog exhibiting these signs. Covers 6 body parts including: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tail, and whole body.

Dozens of fun games can be played including memory games, matching games, dog safety games, math games (Kim was a homeschool Mom so she stuck math in there too), and classic card games. Includes a  Montessori based self checking system that allows card use and learning by children who can not yet read. Everyone can play!

Give Me The Numbers

There’s no huge commitment. Purchase a single case with 8 card decks, or buy our triple case with 24 card decks and get an extra discount. Suggested retail is $19.99 a deck.

Online Commission Sales

Nothing to inventory. Just direct traffic to our website, when they buy, you make 10% commission off every sale. The 2 Month program is exclusive to our partners. We’re not competing against you, we’re working for you.

How It Works

When you send us a customer that purchases from our online store, we send you a commission. We pay you for sales that come from a customer clicking on custom coded graphics and banners that we provide you. Put them in your emails, social media, or on your website. We also pay you for any additional online sales that result from a customer who purchased a 2 Month Dog Training Box in your store.

What You Make

You make 10% commission on the base price of any product purchased online, by a customer that you send us. We do not pay commissions on taxes or shipping charges. Payments are sent monthly when earnings are above $50.

Good Dog Website

How We Help You

We want to help you sell our product and grow your business. Our free marketing materials are designed to do that and more.

Good Dog in a Box Subscription Sample

Marketing Materials

We provide you with custom coded graphics and banners for your website, emails, and social media. We’ll also provide you with custom email templates for Constant Contact and Mail Chimp that can be uploaded into your account. Our Partner Program includes marketing tips and tricks that can help you build your sales and commissions.

Safe Dog Bite Prevention Program

Our goal is to help educate parents and children about dog safety and dog bite prevention, in hopes of keeping more family dogs at home instead of ending up in shelters because of “bad” behavior. We’ve developed the SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Program with free downloads and fun activities for kids and other free resources that you can share with your customers.

Free Online Training for New Dog Parents

As a Good Dog Partner, when you set links to our website and start marketing our products, you’ll get access to our free online training program for new dog parents to provide to your clients at no charge. The Good Dog “Welcome Home” program is designed to help families succeed in the first two weeks of welcoming a new dog into their home. The program includes the top 10 items you’ll need, how to dog proof your home, potty training, scheduling, chewing, feeding, basic training, and reprimanding. Our goal is to help dogs get off to a good start with their forever families.

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