Reward Based Dog Training Curriculum 3

Come when called, Down

Reward Based Dog Training Curriculum for Kids 3

Basic Dog Training Exercises: Come when called, Down

Learning Section Focus: How dogs communicate with their eyes

Loving Section Focus: Dog proofing your home

Teaching Section Focus: Come when called

Training Tool Highlighted: 4′ and 6′ Leashes

Training Game Cards: Come When Called, Catch And Release, Come For Good Stuff, Come Away From Good Stuff, Down – Treat – Repeat, Hide & Seek Outside, Advanced Hide & Seek

Training Game Videos: Come For Good Stuff, Come Away From Good Stuff, Catch And Release, Advanced Hide & Seek

Tellington T-Touch Videos: Raccoon, Raccoon On Feet

Additional Online Videos: Learning About Your Dogs: Eyes, Loving Your Good Dog: Dog Proofing Your Home, Introduction to Dog Trainings: Come When Called, Intro to 4 and 6 Foot Leashes

Activity Guide Length: 16 pages

All dogs need to be taught to come when called. This is an activity that can be made fun for kids and dogs alike. Activity Guide 3 includes five fun training games for teaching to come and to down. Dog body language is an important part of training and dog safety for children. This guide features dog communication with the eyes and can be used with the Dog Smart Card Game’s Whole Body Cards (sold separately). Dog Smart teaches dog bite prevention to all ages and will be used throughout Activity Guides 1 – 6. Having a safe environment for the family dog is important, so Activity Guide 3 includes a fun find it game to located things around the house that could be dangerous to the dog. This activity can get everyone in the family thinking about what things in the house aren’t safe to be within reach of the dog. A crossword puzzle is also included.