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Calm Dog in a Box anxiety relief for dogs

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Curriculum Highlights

Foundation of Program

  • Introduction to ThunderShirt and stress signals
  • Calm dog in the house
  • Calm dog in the car
  • Calm dog on a walk
  • Family friendly training
  • Created by CPDT-KA, BS dog training professional
  • Teaches dog safety
  • Activities for long term behavioral change
  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Dog body language and safety
  • Responsibility & ownership
  • Tellington T-Touch
  • Basic dog commands and activities related to stress
  • Promotes better behavior
  • Teamwork and trust
  • Reward based training
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See what the experts had to say about ThunderShirt!

“Jenn Merritt has been a friend of ThunderWorks since we founded the company.  We love her fun and practical approach to positive-based, compassionate training.  And with Calm Dog in a Box, we’re delighted to see her helping families use training in combination with our calming solutions.  Calmer Dogs = Happier Families!”

Overwhelmingly, ThunderShirt has been a success with our cases for thunderstorms and fireworks.

As a Physical Therapist and Tellington TTouch Instructor, I frequently teach about the effectiveness of pressure wraps to reduce anxiety and fear responses in dogs. The ThunderShirt is the perfect tool for calming dogs who suffer from noise phobia, anxiety, and other fear related issues. My personal experience using the ThunderShirt with my own dogs has been very positive, and I happen to live in Oklahoma where storms are both frequent and dramatic! Thank you for providing this valuable product to help cope with these environmental stressors.

Calm Dog in a Box in Action

Join professional dog trainer Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA, BS, as she leads you through the Calm Dog program

Jenn and her dogs Royal and Bernie demonstrate a variety of exercises using ThunderShirt products to bring about long term behavioral change in this 4 month program.

  • Calmer dog at home & away

  • Reduce travel related stress

  • Better behavior on leash walks

  • Fosters trust and provides support

  • Tellington T-Touch exercises for stress relief

  • Dog body signals & dog communication

  • 4 Months of Training Exercises for Stressed Out Dogs

Jenn Merritt Thundershirt Dogs
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Fringe benefits of your Calm Dog in a Box purchase

Get these additional perks and start your New Year off in a state of calm.

The Hydrant Dog Management App

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The Hydrant app helps a busy dog owner be the best pet parent you can be. Manage your dog’s health records, health events, microchip information, care reminders, track activity, and get Calm Dog in a Box training videos right on your mobile phone. Earn points in the app for fun and prizes when you interact with and for your dog. Plus, the app reminds you not to forget important events in your dog’s life, like going to the vet.

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As a subscriber to the Calm Dog in a Box program, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in free monthly webinars with a professional dog trainer. Ask questions, hear how others are using the program, get new ideas, share successes and failures. We’re all in this together. Help our community and other dog lovers by participating and sharing your experiences.

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