In-home Dog Training Subscription Box

A Monthly Box of Dog Training Fun for the Whole Family

Good Dog in a Box Dog Training On The Go

Delivered monthly to your house:

  • dog training tools
  • basic dog training exercises
  • kid friendly games
  • activity guide shows what to do
  • dog bite prevention lessons
  • how to be a responsible dog owner

Delivered monthly to your computer & mobile device:

  • access to your own online account and training videos
  • online games
  • animated cartoons that teach dog safety
  • take videos on the go, with flexibility to watch on any mobile device

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Good Dog Month to Month Subscription

Add $3 shipping in USA, billed every month. Auto renews monthly up to 12 months. Cancel renewal anytime.

6 Month Dog Training Subscription

One time payment + $18 shipping in USA. Auto renews after 6 months, one time. Cancel renewal anytime.

Good Dog 12 Month Subscription

One time payment + $36 shipping in USA. Does not renew.

Save $124 or more by purchasing this dog training program as a one time delivery. Click here to learn more.

Program Highlights: For Your Dog

Program Highlights: For Your Family

What Your Dog Will Learn – Basic Part 1

  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Recognition of dog’s name
  • Getting dog’s attention
  • Come when called
  • Sit
  • Sit and stay
  • Down
  • Down with distractions
  • Down and stay
  • No pull walking
  • Walking with you
  • Leave it
  • Learning to have collar touched

What Your Dog Will Learn – Advanced Part 2

  • Go to your mat
  • Down on your mat
  • Brushing dog’s teeth
  • Wait to eat
  • Wait at the door
  • Meet & greet a stranger on a walk
  • Meet & greet at the door
  • Nosework
  • Drop It
  • Target
  • Trick: crawl
  • Trick: roll over
  • Trick: bow
  • Trick: sit up
  • Trick: spin
  • Trick: shake

What Your Kids Will Learn:

  • Basic and advanced dog commands
  • Reward based training techniques
  • Dog bite prevention
  • Safe behavior around dogs
  • Responsibility & ownership
  • Tellington T-Touch gentle touch
  • How to “talk” dog
  • How to gently show love to your dog
  • How to effectively teach your dog
  • How to be an advocate for their dog

What Adults Will Learn:

  • Basic and advanced dog commands
  • Reward based training techniques
  • How to promote better behavior (in everyone)
  • Teamwork and trust
  • How to teach dog safety rules
  • How to help avoid dog bites
  • Getting everyone on the same dog training page
  • Getting the kids to take care of the dog
  • How to read your dog’s body language
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See what the experts had to say!

Suzanne Clothier

“Jenn & Kim have done a great job of providing what kids need to know, with a great blend of hands-on, video and of course, the excitement of getting a box of stuff every month. (Everybody loves getting stuff!) Kids and dogs can be perfect together!”

Suzanne ClothierAuthor "Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs" and Developer of the CARAT and RAT assessment
Colleen Pelar

“Good Dog in a Box is a great idea. I love the emphasis on compassion and gentle training. Your program is great!”

Colleen PelarAuthor of "Living with Kids & Dogs...Without Losing Your Mind" and "Puppy Training for Kids"Living with Kids and Dogs
Jennifer Shryock, B.A. CDBC

“I found this all to be very complete and easy to follow. The creative games were a hit and really made learning about dogs and behavior fun. I really (and my daughter) enjoyed the kit.”

Jennifer Shryock, B.A. CDBCOwner of Family Paws Parent Education & certified dog behavior consultantFamily Paws Parent Education
Kim Sauer

“We love it! My son couldn’t stop watching the videos. I finally had to say, ‘’s time for bed!’ I’m really surprised by how much of an interest he now takes in our dogs. Him having these exercises as a step by step guide is amazing. He’s excited and wants to work with the dogs every day. (My dogs are 9 and 10 and are equally as excited to work with him!) I think if I would have tried to do these things on my own, it would not have been successful. He needed this in a program that was for HIM.”

Kim SauerOwner Sit n’ Stay Pet Services & Licenses Family Paws Parent Educator Sit N Stay Pet Services

Join Jenn, Royal, Bernie, and the kid dog trainers

Your personal guides through dog training activities, dog safety games, and fun. Appropriate for everyone in the family, ages 5 and up, with adult supervision.

  • Paying attention & name games

  • Learn responsibility

  • Gentle interactions

  • Basic dog training commands

  • Balanced leash walking

  • Dog body signals & dog communication

  • Nutrition, cleanliness, oral care

Jenn Merritt CPDT-KA, Royal, Bernie, Kid Dog Trainers
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Kid dog trainers in action

Walking with 4 and 6 foot nylon leashes
Playing the Dog Smart Dog Bite Prevention Game
Sit Command

Fringe benefits of your Good Dog in a Box subscription

Train and manage your dog’s life on the go.

Good Dog Teachable Mobile Screen

Train On The Go

Our video training can be watched on any device.

Want to train your dog while you’re out and about? You can, with Good Dog’s videos. Our online learning system, powered by, makes training on the go easy. Watch on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Our online videos conform to the size and screen of the device you’re using, so videos can be watched anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Our training videos, 68 in our Basic program (months 1 to 6) and 62 in our Advanced program (months 7 to 12), give you 130 reward based dog training videos in all! Videos are “dripped” into your account to match the material in the subscription boxes that are delivered to your house.

Videos are family friendly and designed for kids and adults to do together. You’ll have a great time learning about dog behavior and practicing basic and advanced dog training skills.

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