Visiting the Vet

What does it mean to be a responsible pet owner? Our pets rely on us to take care of them and keep them safe. They can’t talk, so it’s our job to be a responsible pet owner and give them what they need to be happy and healthy. Part of being a responsible pet owner is […]

Exercise & Safety with Your Pet

Pets need regular exercise. Just like you, your pet needs to run and walk and have fun on a daily basis. How can you be responsible when you take your dog or cat for a walk? Use a leash and make sure they are wearing an ID tag with your phone number and contact information […]

Pet Safety in the Car

Pets can love to go for a car ride, but as pet owners, we need to keep them safe. When you travel with your pet in the car, you always want to have them safely restrained, so they don’t get hurt. Transport your pet in their pet carrier or crate, or get a pet restraint […]

Good Dog in a Box CoFounders on Pet Lover Geek

Jenn and I were excited several weeks ago when Jessica Williams of PetTalk Media and the popular blog, What Did You Do With Your Weiner, (unbeknownst to Jenn and I) introduced Lorien Clemens and the audience of Pet Lover Geek to Good Dog in a Box. During the Pet Lover Geek episode: The Best Tech of 2016 and Where to […]

Wow! Good Dog in a Box gets a shout out from Suzanne Clothier!

Good Dog in a Box is thrilled that renowned trainer and author Suzanne Clothier featured us in a Facebook post yesterday! Suzanne has promoted humane dog training methods for decades and is author of the seminal book “Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs.”