Keeping Your Dog Occupied at Home During Quarantine

People aren’t the only ones that are feeling cooped-up and bored during the quarantine. Our dogs can get pretty restless and unruly while being at home. That’s why Redfin put together a list of ideas to keep your dogs engaged both physically and mentally during this global pandemic. Good Dog in a Box was one […]

Kim Merritt Butler on Pet Talk Radio with Jean Meyer

Today I was Jean Meyer’s guest on Pet Talk radio, coming out of Keokuk, IA, on AM1310 KOKX. Jean and I had a great time talking about reward based dog training and all things Good Dog. I had a special announcement at the end. Don’t miss it!

Don’t Feed Your Dog These Foods

It’s the holiday season. We love spending time with family and friends, cooking and baking delicious meals, but it’s important to remember that holiday food that fills our table, is not what we should be sharing with the family dog. 

Free Dog Bite Prevention Webinar Series During National Dog Bite Prevention Week

For Immediate Release: Mercersburg, PA. April 2, 2018. Good Dog in a Box is proud to announce the Dog Bite Prevention Webinar Series for National Dog Bite Prevention Week, April 8th – 14, 2018. Five fun and educational webinars will be presented across Dog Bite Prevention week for parents to learn how to keep kids […]

For UPS Drivers, Just In Case You Meet A “Disgruntled” Dog

I was super excited to learn, via Elyse Wanshel and the Huffington Post, that there’s a Facebook page that highlights all the great dogs that UPS drivers meet when delivering packages. UPS Dogs was created back in August of 2013, by Sean McCarren, a UPS veteran of seventeen years. With all that is good about […]