How to Keep Your Dog Occupied at Home During Quarantine

Dogs get bored too!

Dog Bite Prevention Week 2018

People aren’t the only ones that are feeling cooped-up and bored during the quarantine. Our dogs can get pretty restless and unruly while being at home. That’s why Redfin put together a list of ideas to keep your dogs engaged both physically and mentally during this global pandemic. Good Dog in a Box was one of the dog training and behavior companies/experts that was invited to submit ideas to engage your four-legged family members.

For our suggestion:

With everyone social distancing and staying home, it’s a perfect time for the whole family to take part in reward-based dog training exercises and teach that old or new dog a few more tricks (or basic obedience). With adult supervision, kids can learn responsible pet ownership, animal advocacy, and empathy while entertaining the family dog with a lot of positive attention and training exercises. Dog training can become part of your daily homeschooling. For ideas, exercises, and homeschool curriculums, check out

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What ideas are you using to keep your dogs and kids occupied while they’re at home? Let us know.

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