Good Dog Award Winners – Cancer Detection Dogs

Using dogs to sniff out cancer

Good Dog of the Week Awards

The Good Dog Blog will be awarding a weekly “Good Dog Award” to those doing good things for dogs and dogs doing good things.

This week’s award goes to Cancer Detection Dogs, an organization in Canada that is training dogs to detect cancer samples. is developing low-cost cancer screening methods that are able to detect diseases at the earliest stages using the power of dogs’ sense of smell.  

We know that a dog’s sense of smell is remarkable and have long used our canine friends in scent detection work in drug enforcement and search and rescue. Research continues to show the positive impacts of training dogs in scent detection to help alert people with diabetes and other illnesses.

Early detection is key in certain types of cancers and can be the difference between life and death. Dogs trained at Cancer Detection Dogs are sniffing out cancer by learning to alert to the presence of cancer in a patient’s breath. This means less invasive testing, which could change how cancers are diagnosed.

Keep up the good work and congratulations Cancer Detection Dogs, our Good Dog Award winners!

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