Good Dog in a Box Launching on KickStarter

Our product line is almost here!

For the past 14 months, Jenn and I have been working, long distance, on a way to change how people relate and interact with their dogs. That may sound like a gigantic task, and believe me, it has been. But finally, after more than a year, we can see the finish line. The Good Dog in a Box product line will launch next Thursday, November 10th, and we think it’s something very special.

So what exactly have we done? What’s so great about our products? To answer fully, we need to go back…way back…years back. Jenn has been a professional dog trainer for more than 12 years. She’s preached positive reinforcement dog training and how to be safe around dogs for as long as I can remember. She taught my children how to be safe around our 150 lbs Newfoundland, Holly. But Jenn was always limited by the geographic range in which she could travel and work with clients. We’d tossed ideas back and forth about how to get her message out there, but we never came up with anything unique and exciting.

Rhonda Abrams of Planning Shop and Kim Merritt-Butler of Good Dog in a Box

Rhonda Abrams of Planning Shop and Kim Merritt-Butler of Good Dog in a Box

That is, until last September, when I was speaking at an ASBDC conference in San Francisco. I had some free time, so I sat in on a keynote address given by Rhonda Abrams, Small Business Columnist at USA Today and CEO of Planning Shop, along with Amy Norman, CEO of Little Passports. As Amy told the story of how she built her hugely successful subscription box company, the idea for Good Dog in a Box hit me like a ton of bricks. I had goosebumps. I could hardly contain myself until I could get to a quiet place to call my sister and tell her I had an idea for a new company.

So spoiler alert, from that story you might be able to guess that we’re talking about a subscription box of sorts, and obviously, it must have something to do with dogs. Well, you get a gold star and a cookie. Yes, you’re right. But what Jenn and I discovered over the months and months that we’ve been working on this project is we discovered a way to reach the largest segment of the population that gets bit by dogs (kids), with something fun, engaging, and educational. Something that brings the whole family together for fun and games, while they are learning crucial skills in how to read dog body language to stay safe around dogs. We made it so fun that we’ve actually had complaints from BETA users that kids didn’t want to go to bed, they wanted to continue to use Good Dog in a Box.

Reviews and accolades from the professionals has been amazing. We feel very blessed to have received the positive feedback that we’ve gotten from all ages. We knew as users started to relate their experiences using the product with their kids, we had something special.

Once the creative juices started flowing, one product turned into a product line. We developed a wholesale partner program to allow us to work with vets, dog trainers, groomers, retailers, shelters and rescues, and bloggers. We’ve been extremely fortunate to align ourselves with a couple of partnerships that make the end result something truly unique and fantastic. This is way more than a dog toy in the mail once a month. This is life changing for your whole family.

So next Thursday, we’re going to launch our entire line on KickStarter. If you are a member of our exclusive email community you got a sneak peek at the line this afternoon. But I won’t give away any more details until next week. Let’s just say that Jenn and I can’t wait to show it to you.

Be on the lookout November 10th for links here in Facebook to our KickStarter campaign, or head over to right now and sign up to get on our email list. We’ll also have a schedule of one-of-a-kind events taking place throughout the KickStarter right here on Facebook that the whole world can participate in. This is going to be great!

Download the SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Kit for Kids

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