Keeping Kids & Dogs SAFE While Playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go surpasses Twitter in number of users

Pokemon Go Safety Program for Kids and Dogs

The popularity of the new Pokémon Go has literally taken the world by storm. Within two weeks the game has more daily users than Twitter or Netflix. Kids and adults alike have gotten up off the couch and are exploring their neighborhoods and towns with this treasure hunt like app. They’re getting exercise without even realizing it.

We’re here to remind you not to forget your family dog in all the Pokémon Go fun. Your dog loves to go on walks and is the perfect companion to go along while you wait for new Pokémon to hatch. This is a whole new way for your kids and dog to bond and do a little adventuring.

But, with any craze, there are some negatives. Kids are getting hurt, from walking into traffic to falling and breaking bones. So we’ve put together another installment of our SAFE Program, this time for Pokémon Go players and their dogs. Our “Be Poké SAFE” kit includes a kid’s eBook that covers 10 ways to stay SAFE while playing Pokémon Go with their dogs, a wall chart, and a checklist. All free with an instant download.

How to Be SAFE Playing Pokémon Go

Be Pokemon Go SAFE for Kids and Dogs

Check out all the Be Poké SAFE resources and watch the animated video. Download our SAFE infographic , along with our wall chart and kid’s ebook.

We’d love to hear from you with comments and pictures of your kids and dogs using Be Poké SAFE and having some Pokémon Go fun. Let’s keep kids and dogs SAFE!

Be Pokemon Safe Program

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