Royal’s Top 5 Tips for a SAFE Memorial Day with Dogs and Kids

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Top 5 Tips for a Safe Memorial Day w/Dogs and Kids

Royal here! Giving you the dog’s perspective on having a SAFE and happy Memorial Day with your dogs and kids. Memorial Day kicks off the summer and is awesome because it means that there’s lots going on. You humans seem to hang out more outside when it is warm and you invite other humans over to cook meat on the grill and share food. Love it!

But some summer fun can be totally not fun for dogs. Some dogs get anxious about all the activity and strange humans invading our space and wanting to touch us. Jenn has to be on her toes to supervise me to make sure I’m not overwhelmed by new people and all the activities.

Here are my suggestions for making summer get-togethers and parties stress free for us dogs:

  • Practice SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Games

    Practice SAFE dog bite prevention games with your own children and any children visiting your home. SAFE games teach calm body language and skills to keep children safe around dogs they know and dogs they don’t know. It’s also a good idea to ask the adults at your party to model good behavior with dogs too.

  • SUPERvise Kids and Dogs

    We dogs depend on humans to help kids learn to treat us with kindness. But if you aren’t watching, some children do very rude things to us.  When you aren’t able to watch, separate kids and dogs.

  • Create Safe Ways to Enjoy Each Other

    Create safe ways for kids and dogs to enjoy each other. It shouldn’t be our job to entertain kids or be a play thing. We don’t want to be dressed up or ridden like a horse. We do love it when we are included in activities that are fun for us too.

  • Give Dogs a Break

    Children can be scary for us! They move fast and sometimes scream for no reason. And some dogs just aren’t comfortable around children. We need to have access to a child-free area where we can go chill out.

  • Fireworks & Loud Noises Are Scary

    If you are planning fireworks (even firecrackers) or loud music, be sure to give your dog a quite spot to retreat to inside the house before you start blowing things up.  Jenn puts me inside and plays music for me when things get loud.

So get out there! Enjoy summer and include your dog in the fun. Just be aware of your dog’s comfort level and help them enjoy summer too.

Get the complete SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Kit for Kids as a free download, available below. And don’t miss the SAFE animated cartoons for how to be SAFE around dogs you know and dogs you don’t know.

How has your family had fun with dogs and kids? Share your stories with us.

Download the SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Kit for Kids

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