Introducing your new puppy to family members

Last week I talked about three essential things you want to do to and have ready before you bring your puppy home. In this week’s installment of the Welcome Home blog series, I’ll be discussing how you can minimize stress around first meetings. It may be the first meeting your puppy has with your spouse […]

Royal’s response to “Reduce frights and bites during Halloween”

Royal here, once again to give you the dog’s perspective. This time, I’d like to comment on Jenn’s blog “Reduce frights and bites during Halloween.” So there’s this time of year where you humans get so weird! The leaves fall and you all get out all these morbid things. We dogs just shake our heads […]

Tips for a SAFE Halloween for Kids and Dogs

Halloween is an exciting and enjoyable time of year for families with young children. We pay a lot of attention to decorating and planning out costumes and having plenty of treats available. We often forget about making Halloween a safe and enjoyable experience for dogs. Planning ahead and thinking about how dogs might react to […]

Royal’s response to “teaching children safe skills around dogs”

Royal here! Once again to give you the dog’s perspective. Jenn’s recent blog post talked about how you humans tend to trust your family dog around small kids, maybe a bit too much. Unfortunately, sometimes that trust leads to lack of supervision and lack of awareness about your dog’s stress level, which can lead to […]

Study highlights the importance of teaching children safe skills around dogs

A recent study published in the  Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research found that the bite risk to small children around their family dog is often underestimated. In addition, researchers from the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare at Vetmeduni Vienna found that supervision alone is not enough to keep small children […]