Every day dog bite prevention with SAFE

Every interaction is an opportunity to teach children awareness

As another National Dog Bite Prevention week has ended, we all need to remember that dog bite prevention and awareness should be happening every day in every situation with children and dogs. SAFE for Dogs You Know was developed to help parents and children talk about and practice dog bite prevention in your home and your community. The goal of SAFE for Dogs You Know is teaching children how to avoid dog bites by respecting the dog’s space and the dog’s body.

Four ways to be SAFE around your dog

  • Soft touch, not too much

    pat the dog gently on the chest and side

  • Ask the dog

    if they’ve had enough, that’s OK

  • be a Friend

    don’t bother when eating or sleeping

  • Enjoy, but not as a toy

    don’t ride, push, or dress up your dog

SAFE Wall Chart Dogs You Know

Check out our recent article in on Examiner.com that highlights dog bite prevention skills for every day interactions between kids and dogs.

Download our SAFE infographic on the four ways to stay SAFE around dogs they know, along with our wall chart and kid’s ebook, plus other free SAFE resources including our new video SAFE for Dogs You Know.

Share with us how your family and friends have used and practiced SAFE. Share your pictures on our social media. We’d love to hear from you. Let’s keep kids SAFE!

Download the SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Kit for Kids

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