Good Dog Award Winner – Dr. Marty Becker’s Fear Free Initiative

Reducing stress and fear during veterinary visits

Dr. Marty Becker - Fear Free - Good Dog Award Winner

The Good Dog Blog will be awarding a weekly “Good Dog Award” to those doing good things for dogs.

This week’s Good Dog Award Winner is Dr. Marty Becker’s Fear Free Initiative -a revolutionary program to reduce fear, anxiety and stress in cats and dogs.

The Fear Free Initiative was developed by “America’s Veterinarian” Dr. Marty Becker, a life long advocate for compassionate animal care and fostering the animal-human bond. He developed Fear Free to improve veterinary care with tools to reduce stress and fear in patients.

I recently completed the Fear Free professional certification program and was beyond impressed with the program’s blueprint for creating a non-threatening, calming environment for pets, protocols for veterinary staff to ensure safety, and use of stress free handling techniques. Fear Free not only creates a better experience for pets and their owners, but also for the entire veterinary practice.

In addition, Dr. Becker and his daughter Mikkel Becker have co-authored a new book available March 14th entitled “From Fearful to Fear Free: A Positive Program to Free Your Dog from Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias”.

The Fear Free Initiative will help animals and their human companions to live better, healthier lives! Congratulations to Dr. Marty Becker and the Fear Free Initiative, our Good Dog Award winners!

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