Good Dog Award Winner – Ruby Shorrock and Trusty Paws Clinic

Providing health care for homeless pets

The Good Dog Blog will be awarding a weekly “Good Dog Award” to those doing good things for dogs.

This week’s award goes to Dr. Ruby Shorrock and her Trusty Paws Clinic in Glasgow, Scotland, which provides free health care for companion dogs of men and women that are homeless or in temporary housing.

For many homeless individuals, their dogs are not only loving companions, but are everything to them. And when you don’t have money for food or a place to live, providing basic or emergency health care for your dog can be an overwhelming expense.

In 2014, Ruby founded Trusty Paws Clinic with several of her veterinary student friends to provide services to the dogs of homeless men and women free of charge. Basic services include vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and parasite control, but also medical services for illnesses. And in the past two years, Trusty Paws has provided free health care for hundreds of needy dogs.

With Trusty Paws success in Glasgow, Ruby opened another free clinic in London. And Ruby was recently honored with a special award from International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Bravo to Ruby and her Trusty Paws Clinic, this week’s Good Dog Award winners!

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