The Winner of Our Cookbook Contest!

Healthy dog treat recipes galore

Doggone Good Dog Treat Cookbook Contest Winner

It’s been an exciting week here at Good Dog. We’ve been baking up a storm, testing recipes, and picking a winner of our Good Dog Recipe Contest. The competition was fierce, so we employed the tasting skills of a couple of four-legged judges to help us choose the winner.

After much deliberation, the winner was chosen. Darlene Blair won the competition with Pumpkin Dog and Cat Biscuits. Congratulations Darlene, who was the winner of a $100 shopping spree on Darlene said that her recipe was a healthy and inexpensive treat for cats and dogs, that anyone could make. We agreed.

Doggone Good Dog Treat Cookbook for KidsYou’ll find Darlene’s recipe in our newly published Doggone Good Dog Treat Cookbook for Kids that starts shipping on August 28th! The cookbook features recipes that are wheat and corn free, with all natural ingredients for the most sensitive of doggy tummies.

The cookbook is aimed at children and families with kids and dogs.  It contains adorable graphics featuring some of our favorite dog characters including a Labrador retriever, German shepherd, poodle, dalmation, dachshund, fox terrier, Newfoundland, boxer, and an Irish setter. Each of the dog characters is available in a new line of cookie cutter sets that will also be introduced with the cookbook. A dog bone cookie cutter will be included with each cookbook.

The cookbook is featured in month eight of our subscription box, but will also be sold separately as part of a new line of baking products, made especially for people interested in baking healthy treats for their dog. What does baking for your dog and reward based training have anything to do with each other, you ask? Well, a large part of a successful reward based dog training program is having really yummy treats to reward your dog with. We believe those treats should also be healthy, so we’ll be offering a selection of products to let our customers make their own. In Good Dog style, we’ve tried to incorporate family fun into these products so everyone can get involved in baking for Fido.

Check out the new baking line and products on August 28th when it premiers will special pricing on Good Dog.

Doggone Good Cookie Cutter Set - Collie - Fox Terrier - Dachshund

Collie Cookie Cutter Set

Doggone Good Cookie Cutter Set - German Shepherd - Poodle - Dalmation

German Shepherd Cookie Cutter Set

Doggone Good Cookie Cutter Set - Labrador Retriever

Labrador Cookie Cutter Set

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